How To Ask For Money Instead Of Gifts

How To Ask For Money Instead Of Gifts For Birthday in 2023

So as it happens, your birthday is coming up, and your life has been tough this past year. You probably think you could use some money for practical reasons and the brilliant idea comes into your head that you would rather receive cash than gifts for your birthday this year. 

However, asking for money as a gift is tricky. And this is why we have created this How to ask for money instead of gifts for birthday guide so that you can actually be on the safe side of things and not torment your friends and family. 

Let’s be honest. Asking for money is never easy. Most people fear looking like a panhandler and admitting that they are suffering, especially to many people at once.

So if you are actually thinking about getting money for a birthday present instead of a gift, it requires some tact. Asking guests for money for a birthday instead of gifts can actually rub family and friends the wrong way a little. Therefore, we will outline the best tips for handling cash gifts. 

Best tips for handling cash gifts

Best tips for handling cash gifts - How To Ask For Money Instead Of Gifts For Birthday
  • Ask with your birthday invitations cards

The simplest and most effective way is to ask what can work best with your birthday invitations. When writing out the invitation, write out, you ask for cash instead of a gift and explain why.  

This is one of the best ways to request a money gift instead of a regular one. And this is a polite way to ask others for the money. Besides, please pick up a beautifully designed birthday invitation and fill it out by hand. They will be more appreciative of your ask that way.  

Make sure to describe how happy you are to invite a particular person or couple to your party. Please politely tell them that you want to skip the part about gift-giving.

Reiterate that the presence of guests is paramount. However, if they want to come then is they want they bring can something with them. However, the gift you are asking for is cash because you are looking for a gift in cash so that you can use it for a specific reason (you’ll need to specify which item you want to spend money on). 

Keep in mind that gifts are not required. Then I will gladly give you cash so that you can participate in the long-awaited vacation in Hawaii.

The most important thing is to be with you on a particular day. Plus, if you’re looking to donate some money, a few cents makes a lot of sense.

You could say that we need your presence on this special day. However, cant make it, then you may want to donate, donate a little money as a gift to help me decorate my first apartment.

Clarify how you intend to use the cash

Cash and checks can be impersonal, so by letting your guests know where the money is going, they can feel more familiar with your needs and the plan. If you are actually working on a big project like a home improvement or a national trip, you can tell your guests about it at the birthday party. 

At the start of the project, the distance you traveled and even the pitfalls you encountered along the way will add a more personal touch. Moreover, if you connect more closely and then ask them for help, they are more likely to respond.

  • Ask your parents to help pass on the message

Ask your parents, and if they don’t already know the challenges that you are facing. Then they can help and legitimize your ask if it comes from them instead of just yourself.  Let them know that you have money problems, and encourage them to spread the word. Moreover, they can suggest to your guests to donate to your savings fund instead of giving you a new toaster.

One of the best ways to order gifts instead of gifts is to use invitations. It’s a polite question, but it doesn’t have to be personal. Get a beautifully designed birthday invitation and fill it out manually. Express the joy of inviting a specific person or couple to your party. So, politely, tell us you want to skip the bonus part. The arrival of the guests is essential. However, if they’re going to bring something, they will appreciate a small cash gift so they can be used for specific purposes.

  • Start a new tradition

Have you ever thought that some of your friends, colleagues, and family may want to give money instead of gifts? Most people are ashamed to hear or say anything, so they just end up doing what the group does. In that case, you need to be brave enough to get an idea and develop a new habit of giving money instead of physical gifts. 

Even if others are hesitant at first, they may eventually think it is a good idea. In large groups, it is difficult for people to find gifts for other members. 

Because they are not intimately familiar with each other enough, they don’t know what to find as gifts, and most people don’t like games like Secret Santa. To avoid all these problems and situations, offering gift cards or cash instead of gifts is a perfect choice. 

We recommend talking with friends, family, and colleagues and developing new traditional ideas. If you don’t want to talk to everyone, listen to your friends. If you agree, you can submit your ideas together. Start on your birthday, so you don’t change other people’s plans because some people may disagree with you.

  • Crowd Funding

Nowadays, crowdfunding has become very popular. It is straightforward but beneficial for many people. In this case, the host organizes a 50/50 party, and guests need to bring a certain amount of cash. Half of the proceeds will be donated to charities and the other half to the organizer. Isn’t that a convenient idea? 

The owners can buy whatever they want and do the right thing in the process. The money can range from helping a group of people to helping animals and other charitable endeavors. No matter where you go, it will spread and make your life better.

  • Use the cash app

You can ask them to use a cash app to send money instead of physical gifts for more technically savvy customers. This is a very convenient option for family members out of town, state, or country.

  • A special Something

Most people have a hard time answering the question of how to shop when the recipient already has everything. This is perfectly understandable. 

When you have a lot of things or don’t need anything at the moment then, getting a lot of birthday presents might be kind of a wase. Because you might get the same gifts from a couple of people and also you may already have the gift that someone chooses to buy for you.

In this case, you may need to request money or gift cards and use them for other purposes. For example, you should consider buying a unique and useful gift for yourself. With the guests’ help, you can even get extraordinary things (state-of-the-art technical equipment, appliances, decorations, etc.) that you don’t want to spend money on.

  • When you are an experienced person

If you like experiences instead of real gifts, you need to let others know. This information is beneficial for people who don’t know you well. For example, a coworker doesn’t know you outside of business hours, so they can spend a few days thinking about your birthday.

 If someone tells them that they can offer a cash gift because you are trying to save the money to go on a trip, for example. This might be a great choice instead of buying a gift. This can save a lot of time and energy for them instead of running around trying to find you a gift.

Of course, you can say or spread it yourself in the office. Tell people your birthday preferences. If you are ready to chat with friends, family, and other people in your life, look for a direct experience.

The etiquette of asking for money instead of gifts on your birthday.

Asking for cash instead of gifts for your birthday is a bit challenging; however, if you follow the below etiquette, then both you and your guests will be the better for it.

Tell your guests how you will spend money

Firstly, tell your guests how much you have spent. You want to avoid: 

  • Tell them where their money will go, so as not to be rude 
  • Make them believe that you will use the money recklessly
  • If they bring a gift, don’t be mad. Just subtly remind them and talk about it in general or add the topic and add a subtle reminder to the invitation.

Request a gift card

Secondly, consider asking for gift cards instead of cash. Some people may find it more comfortable to know where their money is going. On the other hand, you can spend it at your favorite stores and restaurants.

Let some people give you real gifts

Yes, you prefer money, but remember that some people don’t like to use cash instead of gifts. They may be confused about how much to pay or feel unkind. For some reason, some people will be more willing to give gifts, so give them a chance.

Do not be greedy

You may already know this, but we have to mention that. Treat all types of gifts, money, or experiences with humility. No matter how actually big or small, if they can give a gift then, you should be very grateful. Please don’t be greedy. Remember that people are going to provide you with the money that they worked hard for, so be grateful and don’t be greedy.

Some how to correctly ask for money instead of gifts for birthday questions and answers.

money instead of gifts for birthday questions and answers

How do you request money as a birthday present?

You can write: “I need your presence, but if you want to bring something, I would be very grateful. You don’t have to bring gifts, but if you still want to bring gifts, please use cash”. Also, do not forget to take the time to explain what the gift is for.

Can you ask for money instead of gifts for your birthday?

You can choose cash instead of gifts. Don’t ask for specific gifts in money or in other ways. Instead, let them know that you prefer cash gifts (if they request it). Inform your parents, brothers, birthday parties, and close friends and let them show your taste when guests ask them.

How would you thank someone for a birthday present?

Please write “Thank you for your gift” in the thankyou or also in the letter. Similarly, the direct way is to write beautiful text at the bottom of the invitation. The way it is expressed in a significant way. Use words like “welcome gift.” Or enter a gift type. For example, “I would sincerely be grateful if you could give me a gift certificate, gift card, or cash.”

Is it rude not to ask for gifts?

It is perfectly polite not to ask for gifts. This is not a situation where you attended a party and received a gift, or you did not attend the party at all. It is perfectly reasonable to want to participate in the party, but there are no gifts. However, it isn’t polite to ask for donations at the party.


We hope you find our suggestions helpful. We also hope you can use them for your next birthday party. All our techniques are based on careful research, so you don’t have to worry about doing anything wrong. 

Be honest with your needs. Make sure you adequately express them and that they are not misunderstood. Oh, and when you’re writing a card, keep a list of ideas for charging money instead of a birthday present because this makes things much more manageable.

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