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A Complete Guide Of How To Ask For No Gifts At A Birthday Party

Gifts are such an essential part of a birthday party, especially if it is a child, that it can be embarrassing to ask people not to bring gifts or toys. So below, we would actually love to highlight how to ask for no gifts at a birthday party.

When celebrating a birthday party, guests usually bring gifts to the honorary guest or guests. However, not everyone can comfortably receive gifts for religious or personal reasons. If you don’t want to receive a gift at your birthday party or plan a party with someone uncomfortable with the gift, you should notify the guest in advance to avoid embarrassment.

Invite parties to prevent guests from bringing gifts. Be sure to include phrases such as “No gift” or “The gift is enough for your request” in the invitation. Try displaying this symbol in a small font in the lower left or right corner of the invitation to make room for the remaining invitations.

Call your guests and tell them not to bring gifts for you or your guest’s honorary birthday party. Kind, but determined. Otherwise, guests may think you and the winner are humble.

If necessary, visit the invitee at home and appeal in person. Don’t bring gifts to the party. The final method should be limited to those who stubbornly ignore your “no gift” requirement or tend to mass-produce gifts. Tell them directly about their preferences and, if you are satisfied with the discussion, explain the reasons behind the request.

How to write birthday party invitations with no gifts

“Gift-free” birthday parties are becoming more and more common, and there are good reasons for this. I like these parties. Our birthday parties are free (shortly) because our kids have enough toys (lots of toys). Why? Many reasons.

  1. Best for the earth. The most common gifts are toys, which are usually made of plastic. This plastic is terrible for children’s health many times over and will not break, so you will have to dispose of all this garbage for many birthdays.
  1. I want to raise my child in other ways. Similarly, I really like gifts – that’s my beloved word, but I don’t want it to be separate from celebration and acceptance, so I try to keep it out of control. And I want you to focus on your memories, experiences, and traditions. Gifts are great, but I want to start with life. We don’t associate love with things, fun with something, or holidays with items.
  2. Opening gifts at a party can be very stressful and tiresome. I’m not too fond of that part of the party. Yes, sometimes I get the right answer, but the rest of the time is over. I want to have a fun party! As a guest, it’s great to create a card without having to go at the last minute to achieve your goal.
  3. Reduce cleaning. Yes, I said. I clean two kids every day. It’s another thing to understand how to store and clean them. They just don’t need them.
  4. They don’t care. When we have children, sometimes (sometimes), it’s hard to tell what they want from what we want to give them. But one or 2-year-olds don’t really understand the concept of gifts. There is no lack of them, and they see nothing different. In preparation for his brother’s birthday, his son asked us what kind of gift to give. Gift, singular, and he thinks it’s normal.

Well, before you can clutch your pearls, I need to clarify a few things.

Yes, my children still receive gifts. We give them a physical gift and a gift of experience. Their grandparents are even buying gifts for them. These aren’t private children, but we don’t associate the party with a broader range of friends, family, and gifts.

No, I don’t know if this can be done forever. The situation may be different in my elementary school, but I was confident that I could achieve this for at least the first four years.

But yes, it is possible, and it is worth doing for us. Suppose your child wants to be a minimalist, an environmental manager, or someone who doesn’t clutter your actual living room. In that case, a significant first step is to break the relationship between celebrating and receiving a lot of things. Sure, parent unit! Just observe and create memories.

How to send a birthday party invitation without a child’s gift

Even if you are concerned about a party’s idea without gifts, it is difficult to discuss the subject with your guests without gratitude. In some areas, “parties without gifts” are different. In other cases, it makes people’s hearts explode.

So how do you tell guests not to bring gifts?

First, make it casual, fun, and compelling. You don’t have to issue a list. If I’m a little ridiculous about this, I think people will feel more comfortable.

Here are some easy to use options:

  • “Buster has everything he needs. No presents, we just want to celebrate with you!”
  • “Your presence is enough. Spoilers are happy to celebrate with you!”
  • “There are more shells than everyone needs. If you want to give us all the gifts, please consider getting something from our home!”
  • “Don’t bring gifts!”
  • You can also provide other ideas (notes for children).
  • “Buster is now obsessed with giraffes, and he has everything he needs. If you want to give him a gift, he considers donating to the World Wildlife Fund.”
  • “Instead of a gift, bring a letter that Buster opened when he was 16! We’ve actually collected them all in a book for him.”
  • “Instead of a present, add it to his special birthday book and bring a photo (picture, whatever you want!)”

How to say there is no children gift for a birthday party invitation

Here are some tips for successfully planning a “gift-free” party for your child

  1. Letting Go is a universally applicable idea. Allow others not to bring gifts, but someone still allows them.
  2. Perhaps it is because this is their language of love. Maybe it’s because they’re not happy with the idea. But their relationship with your child is independent of you. You can only get so much control. Let it go, friend. If it is reduced, it still succeeds.
  3. Don’t overdo the gifts Buster gets. If it’s someone who might be interrupting the class (for example, grandma), open the gift at the end of the party. If not, take a video or photo of your child’s opening and add it to the thank you card or message.
  4. Please do not wear gift bags. Do you want your guests to violate consumer regulations? So, you have to do the same! I work in a place where birthday parties are held, I have seen a lot of parties. Children don’t mind the nasty nonsense in the gift bag. If they care, they will actually soon forget. If you want to send something home, try making handicrafts or something special! Exciting games and activities make for an exciting party. Bag of candy? Not much.
  5. If someone asks or presses, reward the gift of experience. People will ask you to keep your sweet speech when they confirm their presence. For those who can’t miss the opportunity to give a gift, a trip to the zoo or a promise to attend an aquarium or piano class can be the perfect gift. Plus, it might give you a break! If they want to advise on your child’s needs, the answer is always “more time with you,” who can fight it?
  6. Get started now. If you actually have babies or young children, you can quickly establish this tradition. They have no hope of hope. They have enough energy to eat snacks and play with friends. Our son refused all the second birthday gifts because he is still focusing on the gifts we gave him (yes, we only have one party, a big surprise is giving only gifts, this is the secret of our victory).
  7. Older children may need more detailed discussions and planned changes, but honestly, this is easy for younger children.
  8. Throw a fun party! Sometimes the most straightforward idea is the best. If you miss the current party start, you can fill that gap with more games. Or you can let them play. It doesn’t have to be too complicated. Get ready to have fun. They will remember that the fun they had is much longer than the time it takes to receive a gift (since you are young, how many birthday gifts can you name?) Focus on the things that make your child happy. Everything else will feel natural.

Other items you can consider instead of gifts for a birthday party

If you are unfazed and tired of easily forgotten items in your closet, then it’s time to ask what you really want. You can actually choose anything from office supplies to appliances. Don’t be too demanding. Pay attention to the budget constraints of others.

Experiences instead of gifts

Many people are actually interested in whether it is possible to get experiences instead of gifts. Our answer is yes.

Many people enjoy their free time while traveling instead of taking a vacation. However, if you haven’t given the host a hint, the host may not guess it for themselves. Below is actually a better alternative.


If you don’t have enough money to prepare for your next trip, you can apply for airline tickets, gift cards to improve travel supplies, etc. But the best thing is the journey itself. Keep in mind that this request is rude to anyone who is not close to you.

Group experiences

Another great way to look for experience instead of gifts is to suggest a group experience! Everything from road trips to local amusement parks during the day. This way, you can spend more time with your loved ones, have fun, and make gift suggestions easier. This is a mutually beneficial situation.


Consider hosting a charity event. Gather friends and family to volunteer and help those most in need. This way, you will spend a special day with your loved ones doing some useful things simultaneously.

Some actual common questions and answers on how to ask for no gifts at a birthday party

How do you actually say no gifts for a birthday party?

If it’s a children’s birthday party, you have to have some tact. When a friend actually asks, “Come on, don’t you really want any gifts?” Say, “Yes, that’s right.” A friend of mine writes about the birthday invitation to his young son. Please don’t give a gift. He even sends messages to the guest list to remind people about the no-gift policy.

Do you have to write no present needed on your birthday invitation?

It might be a good idea to write “no gifts” on the birthday invitation, but it’s weird and sticky for your guests. Gifts are an essential part of a birthday party. Especially a child’s party, similarly, it isn’t very comfortable to ask someone else not to bring gifts or toys. But in reality, a child’s birthday party can accommodate more than 30-60 guests.

Can I specify no gift for my child’s birthday party?

Whatever the reason for the lack of toy birthday party gifts and invitations, it’s all for additional benefits, actually. Usually, due to the cost of gifts, families cannot afford to send their children to multiple birthday parties. So a no-gift party may be economical and less embarrassing for those parents that cannot afford it.


Believe it or not, hosting a children’s party makes receiving birthday gifts easy. Most people also ask you directly what you want them to buy. Choosing gifts for children can be difficult, especially for the little ones. If you tell them what your baby needs, they are relieved.

Think about what your child needs now. If the guest is just a close friend or family member, you can ask all guests to offer something else other than gifts.

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