How To Leave A Gift For Your Mailman

A Guide On How To Leave A Gift For Your Mailman

The holidays are actually a time when many try to thank letter carriers and even caretakers for all they have done over the years.

Without the exact amount and method of tipping these people, it doesn’t look like tipping a good idea. However, etiquette dictates that you do so. This is our guide on how to leave a gift for your mailman and others because these little things make our life more comfortable and reduce unpleasantness.

With some free time, you want to talk to the letter carriers and the others throughout the year so you can at least understand their likes. However, if you can’t do this, then we have a solution for that as well.

In that case, if you really don’t know how to gift, then choose an efficient way – cash or cash with a gift card would be a great idea.

I spoke to an actual friend of mine who is a mail carrier, and he told me that he received over $300 in Starbucks gift cards last year. Drinking coffee is not the problem. And he praised the gift cards because he was able to share them with his friends and family.

If you actually decide to go that route, I recommend giving a Visa or Amazon gift card. Just make sure it does not surpass the cap of $20.

Tips for tipping a postman

Below are some of the actual common gifts to give your postman


A postman in Chicago once said that they got ten whiskey bottles and eight wine bottles one year. So liquor has been a big part of holiday tipping. However, remember that some people might not drink alcohol and maybe recovering alcoholics.

In general, many post people might not like wine as a gift. They drive in trucks with little storage space, and the bottles tended to bounce and break. So if you do not know what to do. Then Movie gift cards are always the right choice. It’s more personal than a Visa gift card, and most people enjoy watching movies.

Baked Goods

bake goods as a gift

Letter carriers like to receive something sweet from the people they work with. The postman said to me, “It’s always good to get it. It shows that people on the route are really trying to be appreciative. So I took them home, shared them with my family.

If you want to bake something for the mail person, make sure to wrap it in cellophane, aluminum foil, and Tupperware and put a clear label on it to confuse other packages.

Bake something special

Leave the cookie in the box or door, leaving a clear mark. Make sure to seal it with something. It also works with zippers and paper bags decorated with stickers. Attach a thank you note. It is advisable to list the ingredients that are sensitive to allergies and foods.

Rules governing gifting to your mail person

Thanking your mail carrier by gifting him or her is excellent. However, there are specific rules for accepting and not accepting gifts by the mailman.

Official gifting rules on what the mail person can accept falls under the ethics code of conduct, which falls under the US government’s executive branch and set restrictions on matters acceptable to federal and US postal service employees.

For example, all postal workers are generally prohibited from receiving gifts worth more than $20 from customers or colleagues.

Specifically, this code falls under the “Federal Code of Ethics for Employees,” Part 2635, Subpart B, which states that:

“Federal employees will not receive gifts for federal employment.”

In other words, postal staff cannot receive the gift just because you delivered the mail. Still, you can only receive the facility if you already have a personal relationship with you.

According to post office regulations, federal regulations allow all post office employees (including carriers) to receive $ 20 or fewer gifts from customers during holidays and birthdays. However, any amount of cash that can be exchanged for cash and cash equivalents such as checks and gift cards cannot be accepted. Additionally, USPS employees cannot receive gifts worth more than $ 50 from customers throughout the calendar year.

If you decide to ignore the rules when offering gifts, the carrier will have to compensate you for gifts that exceed the $20 limit or gifts whose value cannot be readily determined. This can be done in two ways: gift return and money refund.

Here is an example of the second option. If you send a bouquet of flowers valued at more than $20 to the postman, the postman will need to know the actual value and refund it in full.

His intention may have been well-intentioned, but now the mailman must investigate the gift’s cost and go the extra mile to cover his own pocket. It doesn’t seem like a significant gift. Therefore, it is actually essential to understand and follow the rules for letter carrier gifts.

Unacceptable gifts for postal workers

Postal workers are not allowed to accept the following items:

  • Cash
  • Anything that can be exchanged for cash
  • Anything of monetary value more than $20
  • Checks
  • Stocks

Acceptable Gifts for the postman

movie ticket as a gift
  • Moderate drinks, such as coffee, donuts, cookies, and soft drinks
  • Display plates, trophies, and other items
  • Fresh food, such as food, candy, fruit, and flowers (if shared with other postal staff)
  • Retail gift cards under $ 20 cannot be converted to cash
  • The restaurant’s gift card offers hot meals and refreshing drinks.
  • Starbucks gift card and funny travel mug.
  • Beautiful scarf for this time of year.
  • Mini Valley used to store smart keys.
  • Gorgeous hand cream with a pair of festive candles or warm gloves. (I once suggested using warm gloves as a good option, and the following should be added before this comment: I received a lot of responses from people who said this is a ridiculous gift, but it is still inevitable that the postman is here Received a gift again (“Wish List”)
  • Ecological kettle.
  • Warm hat.
  • Movie ticket.
  • Winter first aid kit, which contains special cream, lip care, throat pills, cocoa bags, and various energy bars.

I know that spending $ 20 is a problem, but if you think about the giver, your holiday gift is a deliberate kindness to those who are willing to exceed their obligations. It will be a kind of gratitude. If you do not know what to offer, you can always take and ask about your holiday income this year.

When sending the latest packages from Santa Claus and opening another beautiful Christmas card, don’t forget to thank the postman and the delivery driver for ensuring the safe and fast delivery of Holiday Spirit.

Perhaps the best gift for your mail person is a heartfelt greeting card with “Thank you” written on it. Similarly, to take it one step further, you can express your gratitude by writing a thank you letter to the post office of the specific area where the postman works.

You can explain how often your postal staff have come to make sure your mail arrives perfectly on time in your letter. Once the boss has read it, he will add the thank you letter to the postman’s personal file.

The considerations for a gift to the postman are particular.

Postal carriers work tirelessly to ensure that our letters and packages are delivered daily, especially during the holidays. These postal workers can find it difficult if their route is in areas with bad weather or other obstacles.

If your postman has served your community for a long time, you may know him. Regardless of the situation, it is not uncommon for them to offer something for their efforts. These are the postman secrets he wants you to know.

However, the rules for giving a thank you gift to a US Postal Service (USPS) employee are particular, and you may need to get creative to show your gratitude.

Big taboo

Especially before and after the holidays and Thanksgiving Day of the Postman (February 4th), people are happy and forced to thank those who assist all year round. Therefore, the USPS has restrictions on the acceptance of gifts by postal personnel. It is in line with a code of ethics for management.

It states on the US Postal Service website: “These federal regulations allow carriers to receive gifts of less than $20 from customers at any time (for example, at Christmas).” “But regardless of the amount, it must be cash and cannot accept cash equivalents such as checks. And those that can be exchanged for cash. Besides, employees cannot receive gifts from customers above $50 per calendar year.

Purposeful gift

Now that the postman gifting law has proven and created some caps, we need to think about what makes a good gift. If you rarely see them or have a little conversation with this person, it seems impossible to pinpoint the gifts that will attract them. First, understand that you are involved in macro work and consider how you can make your daily life more comfortable.

For example, a postman travels all day to complete a route. Consider handing out insulated travel coffee cups to keep your drink hot and cold for a long time. If you live in a cold place, perhaps a pair of gloves can withstand the harsh cold. Check out these astonishing facts about the US Postal Service.

Praise is important

If you are uncomfortable giving a physical gift, consider writing a letter to the USPS Inspector General’s office and sharing your kind words with the postman. This is a very thoughtful step in this world where we often complain rather than share positive reviews.

Write a letter

If you actually don’t know the mailman’s name, you can resolve it in an ordinary way, such as “favorite postman” or “faithful postman.” A simple note shows how grateful they are for their efforts (it would be great if the child could write), which makes your postal team feel special. Please put it in an envelope and use a sticker instead of a stamp.

Create a thank you card

As always, thank you cards are a good gesture. Let your children make small drawings, be creative, or use similar prints to stick little notes on paper. If you can afford it, add a $ 10 or $ 15 gift card to the envelope to buy items like Amazon or a nearby coffee shop. Make sure to do something obvious to make it clear that it is not a standard card.

Common questions and answers on the best mailman gifts

Can you give gifts to the postman?

Yes, you can give gifts to the postman as long as they are not exorbitant.

What gifts will the postman accept?

The postman accepts the following gifts: soft drinks such as coffee, donuts, cookies, and sodas: plates, trophies, and other exhibits. Just share fresh produce like food, sweets, fruits, and flowers with other mail staff.

What to get the postman for Christmas?

The postman accepts the following gifts: soft drinks such as coffee, soda, and donuts: plates, trophies, and other exhibits. Just share fresh produce like food, sweets, fruits, and flowers with another mail-related gift.

What kind of gifts do postal workers have?

Postal workers cannot accept cash, checks, stocks, redeemable items with an alcohol content of more than $20. Gifts are acceptable to postal workers. Gifts acceptable to postal workers include drinks.


If you want to give a gift to your mailman, remember. Cash or a gift card is king

Find information about the person you want to gift. If they’re a vegetarian, this month’s Meat Club gift card might not be your best option. Baked goodies are always “sweet..”

The main thing is the intention. It doesn’t have actually to be big or expensive, but don’t forget to leave a little “thank you” to someone other than someone who will make our life more comfortable as the holiday approaches.

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