This is Paula Tirado here. Welcome to my touchygift site .

I have loved giving gifts ever since I was a young child. My love for gifting has never wavered as I became an adult because instead of receiving, now I am the one giving the gifts

I like to give practical presents that will make someone’s life easier or can be used in their day-to-day life.

I am always giving my friends and family members little things that they can enjoy. It really doesn’t matter if the gift is a new pair of socks, a nice pen, or an interesting book- I just like to find something thoughtful for them!

Giving gifts to my beloved one is my joy. It is sort of an addiction, and it has altered my life in innumerable ways.

And when it’s time for me to celebrate someone else’s birthday, wedding anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, Every time I go on a gift hunt, my goal is to find them the perfect.

Sometimes people don’t realize what they want in life so it can be hard; but usually there are clues that help me make decisions about what to buy.

I want to share some tips on how to be more thoughtful in your gift-giving so that everyone can enjoy it as much as possible:

Be intentional: What is your loved one passionate about? Do they have any hobbies or attractions that you can explore to find a related gift? If not, what would make them happy and excited? Think creatively!

Think outside the box: Sometimes people think of their friends as “just” mothers/fathers, wives/husbands, daughters/son’s etc., but there are many other roles in life like best friend or teacher – you don’t want someone who is always taking care of others feel taken for granted this time around!

Don’t forget something just because it isn’t on impulse-buy sale at Target .

The most thoughtful gifts are often the ones that come with a story.

Think of an occasion in their life when they were really happy, and explore what sparked this joy – then find something related to it! Whether you give them tickets to travel somewhere or tell stories about your day as you spend time together, these types of gifts will be remembered for years.

Unlike in some countries, where a gift is obligatory for various events, it seems like this need is replaced with the best eagerness to do nice things. Why should you give gifts to people? The answer is as many as there are people! It’s just a matter of whether or not you want to take responsibility for your desire.

I am here to serve your gift-giving needs by providing you with the best wrapping paper.

That being said, I always make sure to give my own gifts that are a bit more personal. The following ideas have helped me in the past and these days we are encouraged to think twice before disposing of things. Making your own wrapping paper or re-purposing items can be done by anyone with a little creativity and patience.

Still, looking for a special gift? If so, I would be more than fortunate to advise you! Please read my blog or contact me for personalized gift-giving advice.

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