what to say when giving a gift

What to Say When Giving a Gift?

You just purchased a gift for your loved one and can’t wait to see her delighted face while giving the gift.

Will you just handover the gift to the person or want to make the gift-giving moment memorable? 

What if you can’t decide what to say when giving a gift?

Though we have no written rules for gift-giving, each culture has its own customs. 

So, following some etiquettes, you can give a gift as well as a great memory to the person you care about.

Think Before Selecting Gifts 

Giving gifts to your favorite person is not difficult, but it turns into great pleasure when you pre-plan everything. Moreover, you have to consider a few things before buying a fabulous present.


Giving some novels to a three-year-old baby is not wise at all. Age is an essential factor while choosing gifts. Carefully choose a suitable present for your loved ones.


Chocolates or flowers are such gifts that it doesn’t matter to whom you are giving these. Choose gifts according to the gender as well as what they like most. You can present a lovely dress or jewelry for the female whereas watch or wallet for the male.

Culture and Custom

Every culture maintains certain traditions to express feelings or give a gift to someone on occasion. Try to know about the norms of the culture before presenting a nicely wrapped box to them.


The relation with the person is also important while surprising someone on his/her birthday or any other occasion. You can’t give the same gifts to your friends and parents.

In case of formal situations, you should be conservative while presenting a gift. On the other hand, you can casually present something to your friends or family members.


Selecting gifts according to your budget is another essential thing. If you want to cope with a low budget, you have to be trickier while choosing gifts. In that case, you have to buy small gifts for all instead of some costly gifts for two or three persons.


Probably you are willing to give a presentation on an occasion or a particular day. So, you must know the suitable and relatable gift which may represent your effort for them. If it’s her birthday, you can give her flowers, chocolates or anything she loves most.

So, you have to be aware of the occasion and the impact of giving the gift on that event to make it memorable.


How do you feel when your birthday is over, and your friend gives you a nice present? Well, it doesn’t matter how unique the gift is; you may not receive it anyways. That’s why proper timing is essential. 

Wish your beloved ones before the occasion or the special day. Your thoughtfulness and responsibility depend much on it.

Some Exceptional Gift Ideas

Exceptional Gift Ideas

Gifts are always unique, but they can be more remarkable when you give them in some extraordinary ways.

Handmade gifts are always exceptional as these require efforts to make. It can be a box with pictures and memories, notebooks with some poems, or some letters remembering some great memories and wishes.

Selecting a suitable place to present a gift is also essential. You can arrange a candlelight dinner near a beach, or anywhere they like and thus give your favorite ones great surprises.

Initiate your speech with the origin or history behind the gift you are giving. It attracts people as well as makes the gifts memorable.

Creative things are always appreciated. So, leave the traditional things, and try to make something creative with your own effort.

Lastly, a gift becomes most impressive when it is a surprise. So, try to keep it a secret, and act like you are not going to give any presents. Thus, you can really amuse someone by giving them a present.

So, What to Say When Giving a Gift?

Giving a gift is not a big deal.

Yeah! But you can make that moment never to be forgotten by presenting the gift in a unique way. Of course, you have to know if it’s formal or informal and have to act like that.

Plus, you can make your way of giving gifts much better if you choose your words like this.

  • I have something special for you. I hope you would like it!
  • I got this little present for you on this occasion. Don’t forget to tell me what you think about it!
  • Guess what is in this wrap! If you can, it will be yours!
  • This is just a gift, but it means a lot. I hope that you will keep it!
  • We would like to give you this token of our appreciation.
  • I just thought of you when I saw this incredible piece in the store.
  • I will be so pleased if you wear this.

Some Social Etiquettes for Gift Giving

Following some social norms at the time of giving presents to people is a must. Don’t forget these etiquettes though they vary depending on countries and cultures.

Try to practice some good manners and traditions of the culture you have.

Cut the Price Tag off

Cut the Price Tag off

In the case of gifts, it’s not necessary to know or show the price. Prices never determine the value of a gift. Gifts are expressions of love and affection for someone you genuinely care about.

Your gift may be cheap or costly, but it means a lot to you. So, never give the gift with the price tag. Permanently remove the tag while giving a present.

Wrap the Present with Colorful Papers

We all love to get surprises, aren’t we? And so, when you hand over the present without wrapping, it’s no more a surprise. So, cover it with a colorful paper or packet, and adorn it with some ribbons or something else.

It would be great fun when you wrap a gift and ask them to guess it!

Add a Card with the Present

Presenting a good speech while giving someone a gift is not easy for all. In that case, handmade cards help a lot! You can write whatever you feel on the card even if you feel shy to express them while giving gifts.

If you can’t make cards, you can buy a nice one and write what you want to convey.

Be Positive and Confident

Think and act positively when you want to make something surprising for your beloved ones. Approach confidently and present your gift with a heart-touching speech or something memorable.

Don’t say things like “you may not like it,” “I could not afford much,” such things.

What about Return Gifts?

Suppose yesterday was your birthday but your friend didn’t even wish you, whereas you gave a great surprise on his birthday. Sounds horrible?

Though no law says that you have to give a return gift to someone who gave you something, but it’s up to you if you want to give them a surprise on special days or occasions.

Exchanging gifts is not a must as people don’t always expect return gifts. But it makes them happy to get return gifts and improves the relation between gift-givers and takers.

If you have a tight budget, purchase small gifts, and make them understand your situation, and try to give good things the next time.

Finally, try to make an effort for those who once did it for you.

Receive Gifts with Gratitude

Whatever the gift is, appreciate the giver for the gift with a smiling face. You may not like it, but don’t express it to them. Don’t forget to thank them. Even if you don’t give any return gift, write a hand note with thankfulness if possible.

And if the gift comes from a distant place, call him/her whenever you receive the gift.

Some Psychological Facts about Gift Giving

 Researchers found some interesting psychological facts about gift-giving.

  1. If you want to give a present on your friend’s birthday, ask him/her what he/she would like to have. Most people want gifts according to their needs or choices. So, you can ask your loved ones what will be suitable for them.
  2. Secondly, recipient focus gifts are more preferable to people. If you give your favorite book to your friend, that’s the way to share your thoughts and feelings with them.
  3. Return-gift is not a big deal as we think of it as a gift receiver. People don’t expect much of a return gift. It doesn’t hurt their feelings as we presume to be.

Final Verdict

Giving as well as receiving gifts define ourselves as individuals. So, try to exchange traditional gifts which says a lot about the cultures. And I hope that you have no more confusion about what to say when giving a gift.

Gifts are not mandatory to give or receive. But we rebuild our relations and nourish them through gift-giving. We make our loved ones feel special and remember that we truly care for them.

So, gifts are always special, and all of us certainly cherish a nicely wrapped token on the special moments.

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