how to send a gift anonymously

How To Send A Gift Anonymously And Still get some Appreciation

Gifting is a fundamental principle of being a good human. Not only is this what the Bible demands, but it’s undoubtedly the most interesting because you can do it. Sometimes you may want to give a gift anonymously for whatever reason. However, it has become harder to gift in today’s internet age without everyone knowing who you are. So below is how to send a gift anonymously. But first.

Why should you send a gift anonymously?

In many traditions, anonymous gifts are the highest level of gifting. Anonymity is essential to its essence. It guarantees that there are no constraints.

This means that you can only accept the gift, and you can’t refuse. We hope these anonymous gifts will be in the hearts of those that receive them. And in the days to come, to help them contribute to the world and remember to pay it forward.

When you see someone with the blessing of a gift (money, service, sacrifice, etc.), the joy you get far outweighs the cost of the gift.

However, there are actually times in our lives where we do not want to be recognized for our dedication. Public recognition never motivates our gifting, but sometimes we don’t want anyone to recognize it.

It may also because of security reasons, but it’s usually because we want to bless someone without getting anything back.

Anonymous gifts are a charitable purpose because you can give gifts without worrying about thank you. You just bless a person, organization, or cause and see them spend money or gifts from a distance.

Below are the five ways to actually send money anonymously

So how do you gift anonymously? There are several steps to consider.

01 Make a change to your email address.

Most online sites only require a valid email address and correct banking information (account or card number). You can meet these conditions while remaining anonymous to the recipient by using an email address that has no link to your name. Simply create a Gmail account named “Anonymous Donor” or “Giving Back” and send money. For example, through

02 Use a remittance service.

The most famous service in Western, but there is other services such as Each of these services allows you to send money anonymously to others. The best way is to send money directly to someone else’s account. You can prepare to withdraw cash or send money to your address, but being close can remind the other person.

03 Have a third party pay.

Obviously, this must be someone you trust, but you can ask someone you trust to give you money on your behalf. It’s challenging to do it without “discovering” it, but it works if you choose someone or someone you don’t really understand. And, of course, you want to send money (or gift cards). Sending a check almost removes “anonymity”!

04 Anonymously join and contribute to the group.

If more than one person is collecting gifts, join the group. Most groups can participate without a name. Some people simply list the participants and finally say, “Some people don’t want to reveal their identity.” It needs to be clarified by using the plural (“Other”).

05 Through charitable activities.

Obviously, this is an entirely different article, but you need to do your homework before working with an agency. You need to actually make sure that your money is even spent for the purposes you expect.

If you find a charity you like, almost any organization can help you to remain anonymous and distribute money to your precious people and causes. These organizations are large donation specialists, so this is usually the best way to make a large donation.

There are other ways to gift anonymously, but these five are good starting points. You may never choose this route, but I highly recommend it from time to time.

This is also a great way to make sure you check your ego when it comes to gifts. You can’t “cover your head” because you’re helping someone. Because I chose not to disclose my identity.

Ask yourself why you want to gift anonymously

Anonymous gifts are less common than public gifts, but the reasons are just as compelling.

Believe it’s better for your career. Gifts are always encouraging, but I believe that if you focus on charity rather than donors, you will get better results.

This is in line with your beliefs. Whether it’s your religious beliefs or your personal values, I think it’s best to report anonymously.

You want to avoid public criticism. If your business or organization is in dispute, you may not want to associate your name with yours.  You can also make a compelling statement by choosing.

You want to reduce your wealth. We believe anonymous auctions will prevent unnecessary donation requests and personal safety risks. “Donors don’t want to receive a lot of requests,” said the development manager. “And now there is definitely more and more happening.”

Consider why you want to gift publicly

There are several good public reasons:

You want to be recognized. To be honest, some people like to be recognized. However, complacency is not the only reason for making a public donation.

You can get the credit. Your personal fame and reputation can add sparkle to your career. And focus their attention and resources on deep-rooted issues. Others will be more willing to address them.

You can be an inspiration. Your donation can encourage others to get more involved in charity. At least, that’s what many givers think.

Can I send gifts anonymously?

Unfortunately, you cannot send gifts anonymously. Regardless of how you send email through your account, recipients will see the name of your Steam profile and the email address of the registered version.

Can Amazon gifts be sent anonymously in this regard?

No, you cannot send an anonymous gift to anyone through Amazon. The reason is that the invoice has two addresses. One is actually the shipping address, and the other is the billing address. For security reasons and specific reasons, Amazon owns this agreement.

Similarly, how do I find out that sent me an Amazon gift? Go to the online return center. Select the returned gift and sign in with your Amazon account. Enter the order number for your gift and select Search.

Someone asked if anonymous gifts are creepy?

Sending useless gifts to people who obviously don’t want to get attention shouldn’t happen. If you are sending a one-time gift, it should be great. However, it is always best to let others know that you admire them. Making anonymous today can be creepy, though.

Can emails be sent anonymously? returns mail, postcards, envelopes, and parcels through the U.S. Postal Service, so your identity and location will remain anonymous. With this service, you can mail goods and officially email it.

Can donors know if they want to return Amazon gifts?

The gift card will actually be sent to the same address you used to place your order. (Don’t worry – we won’t notify the gift manufacturer of your return.) If the product is not marked as a gift at the time of purchase, we will return the gift to the supplier, and they will return your return.  

How to send a surprise gift to Amazon?

send a surprise gift
  • Send a gift:
  • Select the “This is a gift package” checkbox for the product you want to purchase.
  • Click Add to Cart.
  • Click Continue Payment.
  • Select the recipient’s address from the list or enter a new address.
  • Click Send to this address.
  • Select the checkbox next to ‘Pack this product’ or add a free personalized gift message.

Is the Amazon gift box free?

Amazon offers gift packages for most products offered by Amazon and some Amazon merchants. Enter your shipping address to see the price of the gift package and gift information. If you select this option, your product will be shipped to the box for free.

Does Amazon offer careful delivery?

The most typical yet essential thing for us is to deliver all orders in a private, discreet standard package. All shipped products will be sealed in plain, unlabeled packaging that will not leak.

How to order anonymously from Amazon?

If you are actually not an Amazon Prime member, then you can archive your order. Delete an item from your browsing history. And you can also even delete an item from your browsing history or delete it altogether to avoid your ideas for possible gifts from your family.

◼ Remove item from the cart.
◼ Ship with an Amazon box.
◼ And Deliver to another address.

Will Amazon notify you when someone buys a product on your wish list?

Amazon will notify you before purchase. However, if you want to keep it confidential, the recipient will not be reported. Fortunately, Amazon will notify you through your profile if the person who wants to receive the gift has already purchased the product.

Can you give a gift card anonymously?

Prepaid cards can actually be purchased online or at a point of sale. If you use the latter method, your card purchase will be anonymous. However, after the deposit, you can deposit to the prepaid card in the store, but you cannot use it anonymously.

How to send money anonymously?

You can send anonymous PayPal funds

PayPal offers a comfortable, direct, and anonymous way to send money to family and friends. Individuals typically use their email addresses to register for the service and send money to others. The recipient’s email address is used as the destination of the funds.

What if you want to be a secret admirer?

If you actually want to give your crush an anonymous gift, just remember to be Kind, witty, and open-minded. Don’t be incessant and keep sending many and expensive gifts. Eventually, it’s going to get creepy.  Do it once and the second time, please just ask, and look them in the eye. Check for visible changes. Then identify yourself as the gifter. Check for the reaction if they shrink or recoil then back off.

Can you send flowers anonymously?

However, when sending flowers for social settings, you can choose to write “Your name has been sorted” anonymously. This is actually the name that will be shown to the recipient. A fresh flower note and message must be provided, which will be sent with the fresh flowers, and the message may or may not be signed anonymously.

Why do you have to give an anonymous gift?

Maybe for security reasons, but I usually want to congratulate someone who has nothing. Anonymous donations are a top-tier charity because they cause no friction to others or organizations when giving gifts and feel they have to return the favor.

How can I send money anonymously?

You can remain anonymous to the recipient to meet these requirements by using an email address that has actually nothing to do with even your name. Simply create a Gmail account called “Anonymous Donor” or “Return” and send your money. For example, via 2. Use the remittance service.

What if I give it anonymously to someone?

If you are concerned about the person, you can protect them anonymously from the general public (although sharing errors is also important). You want to reduce your wealth. We believe that making anonymous offers can avoid unnecessary donation requests and personal safety risks.

Is it better to give anonymously?

Believe it is best for your career. Donations are still lovely, but I believe that if you focus on philanthropy rather than donors, you will get better results. It is in line with your beliefs. Whether it is due to your religious beliefs or your personal values, I think it is best to report anonymously.


Sending a gift anonymously is a great and excellent way to send a gift. However, please consider the reasons behind this form of gifting because it has both its pros and cons

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