How To Wrap Large Gifts

A Professional Tutorial On How To Wrap Large Gifts

Many people like to give gifts. Similarly, large gifts can both excite the sender and the recipient, but packaging large gifts can be difficult. Many people find it challenging to find the right size wrapping paper for this kind of gift. However, don’t let this stop someone from buying a beautiful gift. Here is a professional tutorial on how to wrap large gifts that can drive your imagination crazy. Edit the tips or use these ideas to create your own large gift packaging style.

A pro guide to wrapping large gifts

So you’ve found the perfect gift. But it is enormous, but now you don’t know what to do when it comes to packaging. Well, don’t worry. After looking at all the gifts, we will carefully consider all of them, so you don’t have to.

So Read our extensive gift wrapping guide.

There are various gift ideas and formats. Some of these include creative (maybe super cheap!) Homebrew products, the other option is a particular gift-wrapping product specially designed for your needs.

Similarly, the broad size range is as follows:

  • Oversized (large toys and plug-in equipment)
  • Oversized (child seat, stroller, bicycle, barbecue)
  • Crazy big (car, kayak, refrigerator)

We use these terms to describe the size of the gift and include the actual size if possible.

How to wrap a great gift like the XL gift bag and one which we consider a 

  • Big gift: less than 18 inches. This is an “extra-large” size fundamental gift bag. This delights gifts that do not exceed 17 “x 12” x 5 “. Cover with paper towels or blankets/sheets, and the gift will grow up to 17 inches. Similarly, a double overlap of wrapping paper.
  • Oversized XL gift: 30 inches or more (box type) – Most wrapping paper rolls are about 30 inches wide. If you have a box-shaped gift that is much larger than this, but you still have a box-shaped gift, you can package it in stages.  Roll the paper to about half or one-third of the gift. Cut the ribbon, glue it, move it down and start over. It’s a hassle, but it looks good (excluding stitches) and can be made with handy wrapping paper.
  • Oversized XL Gift: You can wrap any size with enough newspapers. Reduce old newspapers, reuse and recycle. Continue applying until the gift is covered. Boxed gifts are great, but they really make you creative. The 48 inches (larger when stacked) you can use 48-inch wide rolls can fly 200 feet in a row. In other words, there is no shortage. Per foot, this is just the cheapest package you can buy and offers blank decorations based on season, holiday, or occasion.
  • Gift XL: 36 inches x 56 inches or less. These large gift bags are 36 inches x 56 inches in size and are very suitable for wrapping large gifts such as kitchen utensils, sporting goods, and bedding.
  • Extra-large for XL gifts: two feet or less (large if using twin packs) Yes, classic gift wrapping technology has been abolished by college students. If you don’t want to accept this option, you may be wrapping a gift and not interested in this item. Well done.
  • Gifts from oversized to XL: 50 “x 25” or less (except when using multiple tablecloths) go to a discount store and get a plastic tablecloth. They can cover your table nicely; why not get yourself a significant gift? This allows you to quickly wrap big gifts without spending a lot of money on expensive wrapping paper. All you need is a few dollars and a fast road trip.
  • Great Crazy Gift XL – Same idea as a tablecloth, but bigger. You may have put something similar to your house. Take it out, cover the gift, wrap it in a string, or place a large bow on it. Again, you may have put a set of sheets or blankets in your house. However, if you lack them, or are worried that they might be destroyed, then find a cheap source of old or second-hand sheets.
  • A gift from oversized to XL – Many garments, craft, and fabric stores sell large quantities of cheap fabrics. Buy his code and wrap it in a gift. Creating a great gift bag doesn’t require a lot of work if your skills include sewing.
  • Gift XL: 3-4 inches x 20-48 inches – Long and narrow gifts can cause daily and non-professional wrapping paper problems. Baseball bats, video stabilizers, weapons, golf clubs, etc., have unique shapes that are difficult to wrap and hide. In this case, consider using letterboxing.
  • Large gift expanded to insane size: 3’x6′ or so – Pick up the old box from the electronics store and cut off the top lid. Place the container on top of the gift, much like covering a cake with a cake pan. You can simply use the box, wrap it, stick a newspaper on it, or have your child decorate it. (Everyone wants to use it for homes and fortresses in the future.)

Great idea for gift wrapping – The gift wrapping game 

A tight wrapping of the exact shape of the gift may allow you to wrap a large, uniquely shaped object (such as a guitar or kayak). Keep in mind that this wrapping technique requires a lot of time, patience, paper, and masking tape. But the effect is truly unforgettable.

If the gift wrapping is so severe that you give up the packaging, don’t worry. You can turn it into a game. 

Hide your gifts indoors, in the garage, outdoors (depending on the time of year), in a hut, back porch, or anywhere in your neighbor’s house. Give them an envelope with clues and lead them to another clue one after another. The other is used when all packaging is complete.

Write “follow me” on the sticky note and add it to the end of the string. You can find the gift directly or make it a crazy adventure through the maze of spider webs. The ropes eventually lead them to gifts in garages, closets, patios, and elsewhere.

Car ribbon and bow

If your gift is too oversized to wrap like a car or kayak, then just put a bow on it. 

Large Gift wrapping basics

Do you need the basics of large gift packaging? There are great YouTube video tutorials online showing you how to wrap a large gift with simple step-by-step instructions. 

Therefore, learn how to wrap gifts like a pro. Be sure to revise this manual to use it when you need it on Christmas Eve. Even beginners can quickly and beautifully wrap gifts by following the amazing videos online.

Gift Wrapping Methods: Wrapping Tutorials and Ideas

Furoshiki gift wrapping

It’s the first time I’ve seen a furoshiki package at this decadent Japanese department store in New York, and I’ve remembered its simplicity and elegance ever since. Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that can wrap almost anything, including gift boxes, groceries, strangely shaped packages, and gifts. 

This is a great gift idea for attractive scarves because the scarf itself can be used as a gift display. This type of reusable scarf is our favorite idea when you want to know how to wrap gifts without wasting wrapping paper.

Magazine Ribbon Gift Bow

This gift wrapping method involves some good uses for everyday items and then makes them look less scary? I tried making my bows. They are as easy as they look. It’s worth it. 

Beautiful and fresh homemade bows and arrows made from magazines and scrapbook paper are my favorite novelties for this holiday season, as I don’t use the bows and arrows I bought right away.

Suitcase gift box

A DIY suitcase gift box that is perfect for travelers. You can use containers and plain paper, and the tutorials are easy to follow. 

These DIY gift wrapping suitcases are very suitable for small items such as jewelry, cards, and money. It is also often used as a dollhouse accessory. This DIY suitcase will not disappoint anyone on your gift list.

Gift wraps with old photos

Have you ever looked at printed photo paper and found it too expensive or too difficult to complete a technical task? Check out this straightforward step-by-step method to get beautiful big custom photo print gift wrapping paper from Bri to Googly Eyes and Glitter. 

There are many places to walk hand in hand so that you can try it at home. (It takes a few days to order prints from Staples, but all operations are easy to do online, no serious design skills are required.

Large gift wrapping Example

There are several ways to cover large gifts

  1. Make it messy.

If the real gift is in a box, cover it with several different wrapping papers to form small pieces.

  1. Direct packaging technology.

This is best for recognizable, unique shapes. If you don’t try to make it unexpected, you can also use it. The only possible downside to direct packaging is that it takes time to complete.

  1. Hide the gifts.

This is very useful for large gifts with odd shapes, such as bicycles. Purchase a large box from an electrical store. Remove the deflector when it opens. Decorate the box as if it were a room divider. Use your imagination. Hide the gift behind the portable partition you just created.

  1. Use a tablecloth.

The tablecloths are generally flexible, with different shapes and colors, and customized according to the theme. Add neatly placed ribbons to add to the festive mood. The tablecloth is an extra gift.

  1. Cover it with a rag or waterproof cloth.

This is very useful for large, sturdy gifts like outdoor tools and equipment. Cover the gift with a towel.

  1. Fabrics.

Go to your local sewing shop and purchase some designer fabrics for the holidays. Then use dots of glue, ribbon, and ribbon to secure the fabric around the gift. Material is generally a much better choice because of its sturdiness. 

  1. Use sheets or curtains.

You can actually often find them at reasonable prices, such as thrift stores, second-hand stores, or reuse of used goods.

  1. Use old bumper stickers or decals.

You can use the old bumper stickers or decals to patch up any holes or blemishes when wrapping the gift. A unique method is to wrap the whole gift with an actual sticker.

  1. Bags of dog or cat food.

Some people actually use this technique. Similarly, Make sure you clean the bag first and then wrap the gift in a newspaper or handkerchief before putting it in the grocery bag. Using a dog food bag to pack clothes is not a good choice, but you can use it to wrap tools or other items that aren’t affected by the smell of dog food.

  1. Garbage bags.

It would be best if you did not ignore Trash bags since they can actually work as a base for wrapping large gifts. Use your imagination and decorate them.


Are you ready to pack a few considerable gifts in a few hours? If you don’t have time to wrap many gifts and don’t have much time to make them, it may seem daunting, but these interesting, creative and straightforward gift packaging ideas are unimaginable.

 This is a way of wrapping gifts amazingly. I introduced some cool ideas for those who need the basics of gift wrapping, such as making gift wrapping paper bags. 

This is more than just wrapping Christmas gifts. There are cute holiday ideas and innovative and cool birthday gift packaging ideas, and artistic methods of decorating the cards themselves. 

Learn how to make many beautifully shaped elegant bows and DIY gift boxes! Check out all these great ideas and learn how to wrap gifts like a professional.

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