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Are You Looking For Return Gifts For Baby Shower

People love to receive gifts in return. Give them a fun gift, and they will appreciate it. If you’re planning your baby shower and would like to give your guests something in return, then below, we have actually created a list of the best Return Gifts For Baby Shower.  Similarly, this post provides ideas and tips for picking the best gift.

Moreover, it would be best to plan your return gifts based on the number of guests, especially your budget. Also, prepare a party theme before buying return gifts. 

Some Basic Questions and Answers About Return Gifts For Baby Shower

What is an excellent gift for a baby shower guest?

Well, there are many great gift ideas for your guests. Depending on the guests’ actual number, you can actually do something individual and special or something cute, buy in bulk, each guest gets the same swag bag.

What do you say when you don’t want to open a baby gift?

It’s polite to let guests know about your decision not to open a gift to let them know what’s going on in the shower. The hostess can say, for example, short and sweet. “Please let us know that the gift will be opened after the shower.

What is the average gift amount for baby shower gifts?

Most people spend $30 to $50 on baby shower gifts. You can pay extra money for gifts from family and close friends, around $75 or $100. 

Is it rude to return the baby shower gift?

Yes, it isn’t nice to return the gift. And it becomes a painful affair. It is also rude to request a receipt so that you can take the gift to the store where they actually bought it and get cash. 

What is the correct etiquette for a baby shower?

The purpose of a baby shower is to bring together a community of friends, relatives, and colleagues with gifts. If you look at it as a celebration for the upcoming baby, then it is a fulfilling experience. Moreover, etiquette dictates that you bring a gift to the mother to be and new baby.

Below are some of the best return gifts for a baby shower

  1. Baby Shower Bottle Openers
  2. Pink Baby Elephant Key chains
  3. Handmade Prince Blue Crown Style Soap
  4. Cute Shark Gift Bags
  5. Aromatherapy 2-Wick Candle with Wooden Lid
  6. Ceramic Owls Mug Set
  7. Unisex Digital Wristwatch
  8. Retractable Pill Shape Ballpoint Pen
  9. Scented Candles Gift Set -Lemon, Lavender, Mediterranean
  10. Bath & Shower Portable Cup holder Caddy

I hope these return gifts for the baby shower will help you plan and show appreciation for your guests and those who take the time to attend your party.

1. Baby Shower Bottle Openers

This is a baby-shaped bottle opener for beer and soft drink bottles. Similarly, As a gift or decoration for baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and all-important and unique holidays, and even as a keepsake

This new bottle opener is gorgeous, made of high-quality alloy, with galvanized baby feet and love patterns. The three diamonds on the nipple are exquisite and cute. Its stunning appearance will attract guests’ attention.

You can find this baby shower bottle opener on Amazon

This is a cute baby shower return gift 

BrandT Brand
Size2.8 by 1.6 inches 35g/1.3oz and 4.7 by 2.4 inches 47g/1.6oz
BenefitsFunctional bottle opener

2. Pink Baby Elephant Key chains

This is a PVC Soft Rubber Elephant Keychain, which is a perfect gift for elephant babies and girls

This unique keychain is created in the form of an acute cartoon elephant. Baby showers are an ideal return gift for elephant theme parties, especially elephant lovers.

The Kraft paper label has the words “Thank you” printed in white on the front. You can write down your name and table number to help your friends find the place.

You can find this pink baby elephant keychain is available on Amazon

This pink baby elephant keychain is a sweet gesture as a baby shower return gift 

Size4.5 by four by 0.9 inches and 1.59 Ounces
MaterialsPVC Soft Rubber
BenefitsCute and functional keychain 

3. Handmade Prince Blue Crown Style Soap

This sweet and funny soapy Little Prince Blue Crown perfume is perfect for baby shower, birthday, holiday, party, etc.

It is packaged in a beautiful and exquisite Blue Prince Crown style gift box, making it easy to give as a gift. This fun souvenir will appeal to friends and guests for its charming style and practicality.

This soap is registered with the FDA under CPIS number: F1127250. It is rich in white soap and glycerin and can moisturize the skin. No preservatives, dyes, or essential oils are in it. And only natural ingredients are in use.

You can find this Handmade Prince Blue Crown Style Soap on Amazon

This Handmade Prince Blue Crown Style Soap makes for a fantastic gift

BrandAIXIANG Store
Size2inches by 2 inches by 0.6inches
MaterialsRich in glycerin
BenefitsThis is an excellent gift for a baby shower

4. Cute Shark Gift Bags

These cute shark gift bags Includes 12 bags of candy. They are ideal for souvenirs and small gifts. Similarly, they can be candy bags, gift bags, pet and craft bags, and others.

The bags are made from environmental protection material. They are durable, a lightweight, non-woven bag with adhesive tape can be used as a light carrying bag and easily portable. They are very ecological, durable, and reusable.

They are a backpack with drawstring and adjustable shark belt. You can adjust the length as needed, which is comfortable and compassionate. Height 14 “x length 11”. Its size is very suitable and very comfortable to wear. It improves the mood of your party and makes it even better.

You can find this shark gift bag on Amazon

This is a cute shark gift bag is a fantastic gift

BrandKing party
Size14.5 by 12.3 by 2 inches and 10.4 ounces
MaterialsNon-woven Fabric
BenefitsGreat gift for baby shower guests

5. Aromatherapy 2-Wick Candle with Wooden Lid

This is a soothing blend of lavender, chamomile, and bergamot essential oils that will inspire and relax you. Similarly, it helps create a refreshing atmosphere: a mixture of different scents, but nothing more. This unique blend of calming lavender, fresh chamomile, and refreshing bergamot will give you a truly relaxing experience.

It has approx 35 hours of burn time. Two wicks burn longer and sharper, resulting in a better aroma and more decadent shine (trim 1/4 inch wicks before use).

You can find this aromatherapy candle on Amazon

This Aromatherapy 2-Wick Candle with Wooden Lid is a fantastic gift 

BrandFarm to Aromatherapy
SizeFour by four by 3.35 inches  and 9.7 Ounces
MaterialsSoy wax
BenefitsRelaxing and soothing gift

6. Ceramic Owls Mug Set

This is an excellent Handcrafted Mug Set and is a fun owl mug set is made with high quality ceramic and holds 12 oz. You can drink hot or cold drinks at any time of the day. How elegant to taste your favorite beverage.

You will love this feminine set of coffee mugs with owls in your heart! The beautiful color combinations and pretty details of each mug will enchant you and make it your everyday favorite.

You can actually use it as a gift for your coworkers, friends, and family, as well as a return gift for a baby shower birthday present, a warm Valentine’s Day, a Christmas present, or a smile for your loved ones. Find the perfect gift for men and women with a little humor.

You can find this Ceramic owls mug set on Amazon

This Ceramic Owls Mug Set is a great gift

BrandThe Comfify Store
Size12 oz
BenefitsFunctional and use mug

7. Unisex Digital Wristwatch 

This is a unisex digital wristwatch with a touch screen led bracelet silicone band watch. The watch shows date and time, seconds, and is displayed as numbers. 

The bracelet design is trendy and is suitable for adults and children. The LED function allows you to display the time in a dark place clearly. And it is a beautiful gift for everyone.

The Band Length is 22cm / 8.66, Band Width: 1.7cm / 0.67 ”, Band Thickness: 0.3cm / 0.12 ”

You can find this unisex digital watch on Amazon

The Unisex Digital Wristwatch is an excellent return gift for a baby shower

BrandCdy Box
SizeThe Band Length is 22cm / 8.66, Band Width: 1.7cm / 0.67 ”, Band Thickness: 0.3cm / 0.12 ”
MaterialsSilicon and electronics
BenefitsLed a functional watch and a great gift

8. Retractable Pill Shape Ballpoint Pen

This is a cute pen for a goodie bag and is ideal for day and emergency bags. Similarly, it is made of high-quality plastic.  The packet of pens includes (6 colors, four units of each color) and a 12 months warranty, exchange, or full refund, so there is no risk to the buyer.

The pens are made of the best quality plastic, and the paint color is blue. The mini pen, soft handwriting, and cute smile style are comfortable. Similarly, it is a tablet stylus which is very suitable for bagging for daily or emergency use. 

Finally, it is an innovative pen with a beautiful and durable design. The perfect gift, suitable as a small gift for students, can be placed in the school cell daily or in an emergency. And it is ideal as a return gift, souvenir, class prize, and gifts for customers.

You can find this retractable pen on Amazon

The Retractable Pill Shape Ballpoint Pen is a great gift

Size4.72 by 0.94 by 2.28 inches
MaterialsAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
StyleCute and stylish
BenefitsPerfect pen return gift

9. Scented Candles Gift Set -Lemon, Lavender, Mediterranean

This is a scented candle with lemon, lavender, Mediterranean fig, bergamot, vanilla, jasmine, rose, eight spring scents and burns every 2.5 ounces for 18-20 hours and finally 144-160 hours

The candle is made from natural soy wax, pure cotton yarn, and essential oil. It is smokeless when burnt. You can decorate your home or store small valuables such as rings, necklaces, and headphones once the wax burns out.

You can find this candle on Amazon

This Scented Candles Gift Set -Lemon, Lavender, Mediterranean is a fantastic gift

Size2.5 Ounces
MaterialsSoy Wax
BenefitsSoothing scented candle

10. Bath & Shower Portable Cup holder Caddy 

This is the only glass holder in the world where you can store glasses of wine! Boxes, plastic bottles, simple mugs, wine glasses, coffee mugs anytime, anywhere. Moreover, it is a stand for beer and wine in the shower.

The stand is made of a high-quality USA made suction cup weighing 7 kilograms. When applied correctly to a non-porous surface, it is ideal for glass, mirrors, and glazed tiles.

Moreover, it is a durable ABS plastic. It is recyclable and dishwasher safe. No plastic packaging and is 100% recyclable cardboard. New and updated design, more elegant appearance. Including excellent retail packaging. And it makes for a great return gift for a baby shower.

You can find this gift on Amazon

This Bath & Shower Portable Cup holder Caddy makes for an excellent gift

SizeFour by two by 3 inches and Weight1.6 ounces
MaterialsPlastic and silicone
BenefitsPerfect return gift for baby shower


Return gifts for a baby shower are an excellent way for the parents to appreciate their guests who come out to celebrate their newborn baby on several occasions, specialty items such as jewelry for her and other functional gifts for him. 

Similarly, these gifts should not be complicated. As the host, you have to find a goodie bag and fill it with small but different items depending on your budget and how many people are coming to the party. 

You may have to dig deeper for close family and friends to find that gift that is not generic, and they can truly appreciate it as something special.

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