What To Say When Someone Gives You An Expensive Gift

What To Say When Someone Gives You An Expensive Gift

Many people simply don’t know how to get expensive gifts graciously. They feel lost in their thoughts, feelings, and social norms. 

This is a difficult situation. Do you do something or expect to say anything? Do you need to give something in return? Will you be rude if you don’t accept it? These are all excellent questions that aren’t easy to answer. 

If you are expecting to get an expensive gift, then this is the time to be prepared. You may search the Internet for answers on what to say when someone gives you an expensive gift. Not only did we carefully review the gifts and labels received, but we also considered the experiences and opinions of the people who received the gifts and presents. 

Giving gifts is a tradition and a great way to express love and gratitude to the gift recipient. Many donors are available because some give gifts for no select reason, while others forget to donate and others just want to give expensive gifts.

How to handle expensive gifts

Generally, you can handle regular gifts without any problems. You can express gratitude with a laugh. However, many people actually find it very difficult or embarrassing and do not know what to say after receiving expensive gifts.

So what do you actually say when someone gives you an expensive gift

In most cases, the gift recipient loses their minds for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and may forget the gift recipient etiquette. This is because when you receive an expensive gift, the first thing you think about after the initial euphoria is whether you should accept or reject it. 

Based on the answers, these questions will emerge.

  1. If I accept the gift, what will I give back?
  2. If I do not accept the gift, how can I make the situation more troublesome?

Therefore, your response to expensive gifts depends on whether you accept the gift or not. This article describes both scenarios so that you can easily handle and manage a costly gift reception.

The best way to accept expensive gifts

Take it elegantly and gratefully

If someone gives you an expensive gift, the first thing you can do is politely reject the present and accept it when the donor becomes insistent. If you plan to take a gift, make sure you are very grateful for the gift itself and the donor’s efforts.

Also, thank the donor for their generous donation and let them know how special this gift feels. You might say: “This is a great gift, but I don’t have to …” This way, even if you receive a gift, you can communicate it to the donor. You find that this opportunity is too expensive. Now send a heartfelt thank you card to show your gratitude. You can also normalize the situation by following the steps below.

  1. Ask the donor if you can open the gift immediately
  2. Give the person your reciprocal gift
  3. Answer the spirit of the gift
  4. Specific reference to gifts
  5. If the gift is money or a gift card, you can tell the donor how to use the money

Talk to the gift giver

It would help if you actually talked to the person who gave you expensive gifts. This way, you can avoid this complicated situation in the future and let others know that you no longer have actually to worry about getting such an expensive gift. Therefore, in the future, donors will understand your feelings and respect your decisions.

Offer a return gift or pay it forward

When you receive an expensive gift, you need to repay sympathy and gratitude to alleviate the guilt. It would help if you gave something unique to match the gift you received, but it should be quite expensive. In this case, do not issue gift cards or cash on delivery.

If you offer money as a gift, the donor may think you are paying back your redundancy by covering your gratitude. By providing generous gifts and personal style, you can express your joys and avoid troubling situations. Besides, you may comment on expensive gifts immediately after returning them and tell them that you will not receive such costly gifts in the future.

When to say no to an expensive gift

You don’t like the gifts

Of course, you can also refuse expensive gifts. If you don’t like the gift, you can reject it immediately. There is no point in receiving a gift you don’t like. However, if you refuse a gift, be sure to tell the giver the real reason. Expensive presents don’t mean you have to like them. The price has nothing to do with the gift. Therefore, regardless of the cost, you have the right to offer or hate gifts from others.

In this case, you can thank your efforts, thank the gift provider, and return the gift politely. The company accepts such an answer. Make sure you are friendly to the giver and don’t use wrong statements to hide the giver’s feelings and create confusion. It is rude not to receive the gift, so “This is a great gift and very compassionate unfortunately I don’t need this gift anymore. Can I refund anything else, or can I refund it?” 

Too many gifts

Many people don’t want to receive expensive gifts because they think they have too many and feel indebted to their donors. People who are on a tight budget and don’t want to spend extra money to exchange gifts at a particular price will answer. If you think the gift is too expensive, you should notify the gift giver and refuse or return it.

Don’t accept what you think is a burden. It will only make you sad in the end. Therefore, the best you can do is being friendly, respectful, and honest with your donors. You must explain to the giver why you do not want to receive the gift and why you think there are too many gifts. 

Stop exchanging gifts

It is customary to return the gift after receiving it. If the gift is expensive, you should offer the same price as the gift. As a result, many people want to stop giving gifts and don’t like to receive gifts regardless of the cost. In this case, you need to talk to the person trying to exchange the gift and understand why you are not receiving the gift.

Make it clear that you don’t want to exchange expensive gifts or presents. This will actually help you maintain a healthy relationship with the donor and avoid misunderstandings.

Some important things about expensive gifts

You can receive expensive gifts. If you feel good, get along with others and know each other well, there is no reason to reject it.

Can refuse expensive gifts. You don’t have to have things you don’t want, and you don’t have to force yourself.

Always be honest with your donors. Don’t lie to receive gifts you don’t have or get used to gifts you don’t have. Being honest is very helpful for relationships.

The meaning of expensive gifts

What does it mean for someone to give you an expensive gift? In most cases, people just want to surprise you and show you how much you care. They don’t even consider the gift price, primarily if they can provide what they want. Rich people don’t think much about the cost of gifts. They only offer opportunities that they deserve.

However, someone may buy an expensive gift to surprise you. Some people tend to collect money for special (expensive) gifts throughout the year. In this case, it is actually worth considering whether to accept it. You can decide whether someone wants to accomplish something by giving you expensive gifts. If so, please consider what you get: just a gift or take some responsibility for it.

Receive an expensive gift and Say thank you

Therefore, the most pressing question here is how to thank someone for an expensive gift. The final advice is to keep it simple. You don’t need to say anything. A simple “thank you” will work. If you really like gifts and want to say more, do it, but don’t worry about it.

We are all surprised by the gift. Don’t think that you are the only one who doesn’t understand the correct return because it happens to us. This situation is well known to all of us. Someone (whether nearby or not) brought you a gift, and you just sit there without knowing the whole situation. Embarrassing, we give it to you, but this is not something you can’t handle. As we said, a simple expression of gratitude is enough.

It would help if you remembered that this might cause embarrassment. Why is it possible? This is very simple. Do you feel complacent about the return of not bringing gifts, or do you receive too many gifts? However, no one expects anything in return. Your friends, partners, colleagues, or other people in your life want to give you something special. Well, you can accept and explain that this makes sense to you.

Remember, this is about warming and caring for your donors. You don’t need to do anything else. Whether you like gifts or not, please remember to say thank you. Someone took the time (and of course money) to try to find a gift that suits you. This is worthy of your kindness!

P.S. donors may be afraid to give someone a gift but not afraid to accept it. When you read this article, when someone says thank you for your gift, he may have Googled it! We are all a bit afraid of gift-giving etiquette, so rest assured that you are not alone.


Another annoying issue is the price range of gifts. If someone gives you an expensive gift, do you need to provide it with the same price range? The etiquette of giving and actually receiving gifts is not necessary. Stick to gifts that you think suit your personal and budget. It is not wise to borrow money because you think you should exchange for gifts in the same price range.

Most Important Frequently asked questions

How to say thank you for an expensive gift?

Thanks for the gift you gave me. It has a unique and elegant message. Whenever someone actually goes out of their way to make you feel special, everyone feels warm and vague. You even know they spend a lot of time and energy looking for it, making it and sending it to you, just like they do when they give you a gift that they really like.

Why should you thank someone who gifts you an expensive gift?

You can’t pay them back for gifts or grand gestures, but you can thank them for their compassion and generosity. Thank you; gift messages are not difficult to write at all. We express our sincere and sincere gratitude. It is best to do it within three days when the gift of opportunity is still fresh.

What do you actually say when someone gives you an expensive gift?

Sometimes the best way to respond to a gift is to say thank you simply. If you like this gift, say, “This is perfect. I want it forever!” If you don’t like the gift, avoid talking about it and choose the phrase “You are too compassionate / like you.”

How do you refuse an expensive gift?

How do you refuse an expensive gift

Remember to thank the donor and consider him. Please be careful not to embarrass the donor. State the reason clearly and carefully, refuse the gift, and explain why you should regret it. Be straightforward and avoid drama.

How do you handle unexpected gifts?

Instead of focusing on well-wrapped but completely unexpected gifts, focus on expressing gratitude. “Respond in the spirit of giving gifts,” “Smile and make direct eye contact, show my sincere gratitude, and then say,” You are very thoughtful. Thanks for thinking about me.


Nobody actually expects anything extraordinary in the way of a thank you from the recipient.  Please do not get involved in anything embarrassing because it is likely to be of your own making.

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