What Are Some Of The Top And Funny Baby Shower Gifts

Are you looking forward to a baby shower? Maybe you have been invited to visit a friend, and you do not know what to bring? Well, you can try these funny baby shower gifts to spice up the party. Similarly, to be honest, these are not the typical gifts to brings and are for only a unique baby shower where the mother to be is a comedian or loves comedy or a comedic theme party. Otherwise, do not try to rub some of the other guests and the mom to be the wrong way.

Similarly, if this is your first child, you might want to combine some of these funny gifts with something more practical

Common Questions and Answers About Funny Baby Shower Gifts

What can I buy as a gift for a baby shower?

Well, a Children’s Gift Basket may be a good idea, so put lots of little things in a cute basket. These include diaper buckets, diaper creams, nappies, tea towels, work clothes, baby wipes, suction cups, toy rattles, and more.

What really is the best baby shower gift you can receive?

Whether you need diapers, different styles of bottles, napkins, or even household items, your gift card will never be left unused and is usually popular with baby gifts.

What is a good gift for newborns?

A complete newborn outfit. Sensitive skin in babies should be given the best care, and Mustela’s baby skincare products can provide this care as well. Similarly, soft baby socks because nobody likes cold feet, especially babies.

Do I have to bring a gift to a baby shower?

If a guest is invited to a baby shower but cannot attend, of course, they can, but they are not required to send a gift. So please include your information on a separate invitation sheet so that a guest has an option to send a gift or bring one when they attend.

How much should you give as a gift for a baby shower?

If you are a parent, you should usually spend $50 on a baby shower. This amount makes you more creative and compassionate towards gifts.

Below are some of the top and funny baby shower gifts

  1. Baby’s First Gambling Kit
  2. Four Pairs Funny Newborn Bay Socks
  3. Funny Pregnancy Card and Baby Shower Card
  4. Outivity Burritos Wrap Novelty Blanket
  5. I Nap Periodically Baby T-Shirt
  6. Mom to Be Mug
  7. Lil’ Lager Baby Bottle
  8. Prank Pack “Crib Dribbler”
  9. Funny Lips Baby Pacifiers
  10. Darth Vader and Son 

Use our list to helpnyou liven up your next baby showe with these gag gifts. You make for a funner and funnier guest and lively party. 

1. Baby’s First Gambling Kit

The latest joke gift box has been designed to look like a real box for a totally non-existent game. Each sign mimics product information, points of sale, instructions, and notices, which seems reasonable at first glance. Similarly, you can turn a gift into a “gift” that people will laugh at for a long time. The assembled box, size 11.25 by nine by 3.25 inches – fits all types of gifts. Of course, the gift box is empty, and the product is a joke.

You can find this baby’s first gambling kit gag prize on Amazon

This funny baby’s first gambling kit gag is a fantastic gift

BrandLaila and Lainey
Size12 by 11.2 by 0.3 inches
StyleFunny and Gag
BenefitsFunny gift for a baby shower

2. Four Pairs Funny Newborn Bay Socks

These baby socks are made with the most rigorous craftsmanship and the best materials. The exquisite gift box provides a convenient shopping experience.

Each pair of socks has a different animal pattern; there are several funny quotes on the feet; they can grab people’s attention and make us smile.

Similarly, high-quality combed cotton with a certain elasticity and does not irritate the baby’s skin. Comfortable elastic cuffs won’t pinch your feet to prevent socks from falling out. A non-slip rubber belt on the bottom helps children learn to walk more safely. Bonded seams, smooth toe, and comfortable ankle suit baby’s sensitive feet and protect healthy growth.

You can find these funny newborn socks on Amazon

This is a cute and funny newborn bay socks

SizeFits baby’s who are 6-12 months
BenefitsFunny baby socks are the best gag gifts 

3. Funny Pregnancy Card and Baby Shower Card

Send this funny pregnancy card to a pregnant woman, and she will be very grateful to you. This gag is funny and light-hearted, with figures printed on premium 320 g / m² paper. Similarly, they come in individually sealed with an envelope and a blank space to represent your personal information. The card size is 13.5cm by 20.5cm when folded.

You can find this funny card on Amazon

This is a funny pregnancy card and baby shower card

Size5.3” by 8” / 13.5 cm by 20.5 cm when folded
BenefitsPerfect funny card for a baby shower

4. A Burritos Wrap Novelty Blanket

This is not only a blanket but also a burrito. Imagine your baby is wrapped in tortillas and feeling a real burrito heat. This burrito blanket not only gives you warmth but also fun. To get the most out of this gourmet blanket. Your neighbors will actually be jealous when they see you shrink inside, and they may want to be Burritos too.

Similarly, this is a beautiful and fun gift for children, teens, and friends. You can cuddle your sofa with a soft blanket to watch a movie or read a book and enjoy your free time. Or take a tortilla to a park or parking lot and show your friends how special it is and show your humor as well.

You can find this Burrito wrap Blanket on Amazon

This is a great gag and comfy burrito blanket gift

Size11.3 by 7.9 by 2.4 inches
MaterialsComfy cotton
BenefitsExcellent wrapping and comfortable blanket 

5. I Nap Periodically Baby T-Shirt 

This unisex onesie is a cool and crazy tee for the baby to come. This onesie has the text I nap periodically with the periodic table gag. The onesie has short sleeves, a three-point patent, and a partially foldable lining. Similarly, durable graphic clothing will continue a crazy adventure. This is an excellent and cute gag gift for a baby shower and other baby holidays. 

You can find this cute and funny onesie on Amazon

This I nap periodically baby t-shirt is an excellent gift

BrandThe Crazy Dog T-Shirts Store
SizeTrue to Size
Materials100% Cotton
StyleClassic and funny
BenefitsFunny and fantastic gift 

6. Mom to Be Mug

Imagine the look on your face as the mom-to-be opens her gift and finds her new favorite, Mama To Be Mug, with a heartfelt, beautiful mother in honor of Coaster! The best baby and pregnancy gift under $20. The perfect gift will surely succeed and speak to you about your baby, office, party, or celebration: a winning pregnancy gift and a guaranteed laugh with this unique and unforgettable coffee mug.

This eco-friendly coffee mug is made for real use and drinking! It is perfectly balanced, very comfortable, and relaxing.

You can find this mom to be Mug on Amazon

The mom to be Mug is a perfect gift for the mom to be

BrandMommy to be Mug
Size14 oz
BenefitsFunctional Mug

7. Lil’ Lager Baby Bottle

When the baby drinks his favorite drink from Fred’s BABY Li’l Lager cold bottle, he will see double. No, this is not beer. It’s just a fun children’s drinking bottle.

This bottle, inspired by beer bottles, is the perfect gift for all beer lovers and is very popular in baby showers. Moreover, the Lil Lager baby bottles are made of BPA- and phthalate-free plastic and are made of food-grade silicone.

You can find this Lil Lager baby bottle on Amazon

This Lil’ Lager Baby Bottle is an excellent gift

BrandFred & Friends
Size2.56 by 2.56 by 7.99 inches and 0.96 ounces
MaterialsBPA- and phthalate-free plastic and are made of food-grade silicone.
BenefitsFunny and gag baby bottle 

8. Prank Pack, “Crib Dribbler.”

At first, the gift boxes seemed to contain strange products from absurd companies. Just “put a real gift in a fun box” and stay cool while observing kindness in friends and family, and thank you for ” the crib dribbler.” So they look at them and laugh when they find out they are not real and realize they are funny.

This gift shows and pays attention to incredible attention to detail. The box covers everything from the most absurd fictional product to funny pictures and detailed product descriptions. This box really convinces everyone that you made the strangest gift ever for a baby shower. However, it’s just a fake box.

You can find this Prank Pack “Crib Dribbler” on Amazon

This prank pack, “Crib Dribbler,” is a funny gift

BrandPrank Pack
Size13 by three by 9 inches and 3.2 Ounces
Materialsrecyclable cardboard
BenefitsPerfect Gag baby gift

9. Funny Lips Baby Pacifiers

These fun baby pacifier cups are made with the highest quality food-grade silicone, BPA Free, Latex Free, Oil-Free, Lead-Free, and Phthalate Free. Unlike other products that use a mesh, you need to rinse or boil the pacifier with hot soapy water, and it is easy to clean so your baby can chew safely.

The pacifier is suitable for babies from 2 to 36 months, measuring 3 x 1.5 inches (length x width) and the pacifier size 1.1 x 0.7 inches (length x width). Similarly, this sterile BPA-free pacifier may be a little larger for newborns.

The baby is chewing and kissing the pacifier on her lips. It looks like a baby comes and kisses you. Besides, if your nipple is broken or damaged, please contact the company first, and they will exchange it for a new one.

You can find this funny lips pacifier on Amazon

These funny lips baby pacifiers are an excellent gift idea for a shower 

SizeFive by four by 0.09 inches
BenefitsFunny and fuctional pacifier

10. Darth Vader and Son 

What if Darth Vader took an active role in educating his son? What if he is a frustrated parent and seriously says, “Luke, I’m your dad”? 

In this hilarious and well-crafted Star Wars comic, Darth Vader is like everyone’s father, except all of his baggage as the Dark Lord of the Sith. 

Similarly, it is an exciting illustration by renowned artist Jeffrey Brown for the classic “Star Wars” instantly gave parents a new feeling and presented the experiences and joy of parents through the prism of a distant galaxy. 

Life lessons include practicing light energy-saving sticks, violently attacking cookie jars, and guiding the child to work with the Death Star. Besides, it creates a special relationship between father and son. And this is a great gift opportunity, especially for pregnant parents who are star wars fans.

You can find this Darth Vader and Son gift on Amazon

This Darth Vader and Son gift is excellent for the star wars fan parent 

BrandJeffrey Brown  (Author)
Size6.75 by 0.25 by 6.75 inches
BenefitsGood reading and lessons book


If laughter is the best medicine, prepare for the best treatment for those that love to laugh. When the mom receives these funny gifts, They will especially like to laugh when they see others’ reactions. 

These gag gifts are perfect for giving your friends a sense of humor. And if you plan to get a baby shower, you may want to consider adding a funny gag gift to the mom gift bag.

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