Funny Housewarming Gifts

Unbelievably Easy Way to Find Funny Housewarming Gifts in 2023

In the next housewarming party you participate in, how about you try to make it fun and light by giving funny housewarming gifts. We have carefully selected the most exciting housewarming gifts in this guide.

Moreover, we provide some cheeky and gag gifts for people you know and fun but appropriate gift ideas that make people laugh without offending them.

No matter which option you choose, the gifts on the list will help warm your friends and family. Please check the list below for inspiration.

The best Funny Housewarming gifts ideas

  • Doorbell Broken Yell Ding Dong! Really Loud Doormat
  • BAYCHEER Industrial Robot Lamps for Boys Retro Style
  • Mother Effin Homeowner Coffee Mug
  • Poo-Pourri Before-You-go Toilet Spray kit
  • Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light
  • Pizza Cutter Bicycle Pizza Slicer Dual Stainless Steel Cutting Wheels
  • Funny Coasters for Drinks Absorbent with Holder
  • Funny Kitchen Towels
  • Funny New House Card
  • CHICCAT Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Case

Some common housewarming gifts questions and answers.

What would be a nice inexpensive housewarming gift?

There are a few unique but also practical ideas that you can give as housewarming gifts. These include the following. These include A Shopping gift card, A Home State Art Print, A House Keychain, A wooden Cutting Board, and A Cheese Board. Champagne and Cocktail Glasses, and A Bottle Opener.

What can I get someone who just moved into a new house?

If you need brainstorming on this gift idea, then here are some suggestions for new homeowners. Similarly, these are good for almost everyone. These include a gift card for nearby restaurants. Shining candles. Freshly baked sweets. A beautiful vase of flowers. Plant. A set of cute food containers and comfortable blankets.

How much can and should you actually spend on a housewarming gift?

There are beautiful home-warming gifts in all price ranges, but you should plan on spending between $20 and $50. If this exceeds your budget, consider giving a gift to someone who knows a new guest. Or is invited to a party.

When do I give a housewarming gift?

When you get an invitation to someone’s home, it is polite to bring a house warming gift if they have just moved into the home. Someone who invites you wants you to help them baptize their new home, and one way to do this is to have a gift that will make their home feel homily.

Below are the top funny housewarming gifts.

1. Doorbell Broken Yell Ding Dong! Really Loud Doormat

Doorbell Broken Yell Ding Dong! Really Loud Doormat

All families need a mat for the front door. The entrance mat can also be attractive. This silly front doormat is perfect for mischievous homeowners.

The mat itself is made from durable olefins and will not scratch or stain over time. The rug is waterproof, so you can easily spray it with a hose when you need to clean it. Another cool option in this regard is this attractive entrance mat designed to look like a bathroom scale.

Doorbell Broken Yell Ding Dong! Really Loud Doormat is the funniest thing ever

Size27 x 18 x 1 inches
BenefitsA funny doormat that hopefully visitors will see as a joke and not keep yelling on your door.

2. BAYCHEER Industrial Robot Lamps for Boys Retro Style

Industrial Robot Lamps for Boys Retro Style

Light bulbs are a great way to express ideas. It’s like someone shouting, “Eureka!” For you, you can almost see light bulbs appearing on their heads. Of course, we are always surrounded by people shouting “Eureka,” right?

However, just because the lights are not always on does not mean you are not thinking in those ecstatic moments! Our minds are working all day. Sometimes we imagine that this is where the Piper Daydream Lamp comes out.

Whether it is turned on or off, this thick tube is still an exceptionally comfortable light source. If you want to be inspired in the dark or spin it while obsessed with fantasy, it is right next door.

Light up the room with this unique robot light

BrandBaycheer Store
Size37cm x 19cm x 19cm
BenefitsThis is an attractive design, the lamp arm is freely adjustable, and its shadows are fascinating. And it can keep your room as luxurious as you need.

3. Mother Effin Homeowner Coffee Mug

Mother Homeowner Coffee Mug

This is a significant and economical housewarming gift for your new home! Each cup is packed in a separate white gift box, which can be sent out that way.

These 11 ounces-new homeowners mugs, each with a capacity of 11 ounces, can be safely placed in the dishwasher and microwave

Similarly, it makes the perfect gift as a home warming gift and great for the new homeowners.

This might not be the first coffee mug for the homeowner; however, the cute message makes for a chuckle and laughs every time they use a drinking cup.

You’re a mother effin homeowner

StyleCoffee Cups
BenefitsHilarious and funny coffee mug with cute  sayings that can make for fun gifts

4. Poo-Pourri Before-You-go Toilet Spray kit

Before-You-go Toilet Spray kit

Relax and unwind at Poo-Pourri before going to the toilet. This includes 1.4 ounces of raw citrus, 1.4 ounces of vanilla lavender, 1.4 ounces of the tropical hibiscus, and 1.4 ounces of a royal flush.

Stir in the bowl before you go and use the original series of toilet sprays before leaving. This will eliminate and remove any lingering smells.

With the new Poo-Pourri series, you won’t be stuck. All you have to do is take it off and leave it in the bathroom, which will smell better than what you found it. It is perfect for everyone and long-lasting.

Take it with you and make it a perfect home warming gift for anyone. The title and funny poo message is cheeky and would be perfect as a gift.

Funny but practical nice smelling poo-Pourri

BrandPoo-Pourri store
SizeFour fl oz
MaterialsEssential Oils
StyleFunny but practical
BenefitsSpray the bowl after doing your business, and no one will tell afterward.The mixture of pure white flowers and citrus essential oils can improve the bathroom’s karma by making the bathroom fragrance better than you find.

5. Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light

Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light

This unit Light and Motion Detection Sensors is a built-in motion sensor that automatically detects human body heat and automatically lights up the room when you enter the room and closes the door at night. Finally, you can never be lost in the dark.

It has 16 colors and a 170-degree radius. Similarly, the toilet light that works with this movement has 16 colors, and you can use the control buttons to rotate or work in one color. The 170-degree coverage allows motion detection at a wider angle than most other toilet lights, reaching angles of less than 120 degrees.

Motion lighting is funny but practical as well

BrandRainbowl store
Size1.76 ounces and 2.8 by 2.1 by 3.3 inches
MaterialsMatte finish
Benefits·         Well, going to the toilet at night will not cause neck pain.·         It helps prevent stumbling in the dark.·          It’s all fun and will prevent you from waking up your partner from their beautiful sleep when you go to the bathroom.

6. Pizza Cutter Bicycle Pizza Slicer Dual Stainless Steel Cutting Wheels with a Stand (Blue) Wheel

Bicycle Pizza Slicer Dual Stainless Steel Cutting Wheels

This is a creative bicycle frame design with double non-slip black stainless steel. It can slice your pizza cheerfully with your kids and you too, in our fun and easy to use way.

It’s an innovative design, which makes it extremely easy to use and safe. And you no longer have to work hard to cut pizza. It is easy to cut pizza. Not only does it look good, but it also makes life easier.

This bicycle pizza cutter wheel is a cool idea

BrandFeiFuns Stones
Size7.6 by 4.8 by 1.42 inches and 3.98 ounces
MaterialsStainless Steel
StyleSleek and functional
BenefitsA unique way to cut pizza that everyone will love

7. Funny Coasters for Drinks Absorbent with Holder

Funny Coasters for Drinks Absorbent with Holder

These are fun drink coasters that will definitely bring some funny sentiment to your house warming gift giving. The coasters are a good conversation starter or automatically start a funny conversation the next time your friend visits.

The tops of these bar coasters prevent cold drinks from sticking to the glass and prevent hot drinks from getting tangled on the table. Similarly, if there is water on the glass, it is absorbed by the coaster easily.

These funny coasters are practical and fun gifts

Size1.35 pounds and
MaterialsFour by four by 0.32 inches
StyleFunny and sleek
Benefits·         Friendly and fun reminders: Send reminders to guests in a friendly and fun way. Don’t be the one who gets the water on your desktop. 

8. Funny Kitchen Towels

Funny Kitchen Towels

These towels are thin and light and are approximately 16 “x 23.5” in size. They are made from ultra-fine fibers of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. Thanks to its excellent lint-free drying property, it is ideal for universal applications and has a superb glass surface.

They are fun kitchen dishcloth gifts and every time you look at these dishcloths, keep a smile on your face. A perfect gift for any occasion, be it a new home, renovation, birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or bachelorette party.

These kitchen towels are funny and fun in the kitchen

Size16″ by 23.5″ Inches
BenefitsFunny washcloths

9. Funny New House Card

Funny New House Card

This is a fun house warming card for friends and family. They will love it. It is made from high-quality digital printing 350gsm paper. It is individually sealed with an envelope, and the internal space is blank for storing personal information. Similarly, the card size is 5.3 inches by 8 inches when folded. This card has funny messages written on it like “I can’t wait to poop in your house.”

Size5.3″ by 8″ inches
BenefitsTraditional card with a funny twist

10. CHICCAT Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Case

Cotton Linen Pillow Case

This throw pillow is made of durable cotton and linen material, has dimensions of 18 square inches, and 45 x 45 cm. The cushion cover has a hidden zipper, and the model is only in front. Moreover, it can create stylish comfort on your sofa, floor, bench, or bed. Lastly, it has funny texts embossed on it like “Dwight, you ignorant slut”.

Funny throw pillow is a great  gift

Size45 by 45 cm
BenefitsFunny and entertaining throw pillow


There is nothing wrong that happens in a house with humor. Similarly, if that’s how you want your friends and loved ones to live, then fun home-warming gifts are sure to set them up for a good start in your new home or apartment.

So at the next housewarming party, you attend, bring some of these funny housewarming gift ideas that will make things easy and cheeky, and best of all, make the recipient laugh. Whichever gift that you choose, it will warm the recipient’s home and make their faces smile.

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