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Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Gifts For Brides From Maid Of Honor

We all know that it is a tradition for the bridesmaid to give the bride a gift to commemorate her special day. However, finding the perfect gifts for brides from maid of honor can sometimes be quite a challenge. As the maid of honor, you are tasked with a lot of responsibilities, and finding a gift may be down on the list.

However, as a maid of honor, you want to make her wedding more perfect. Whether you are a sister or a close friend, it is important to celebrate that she is a wonderful woman. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a gift for the bride on her wedding day, a heartfelt gift is a great way to celebrate her special day.

The maid of honor typically is a best friend to the bride or maybe even her sister. She loves the bride and will spend a lot of time making sure that the wedding day is perfect but to do that she will have to get a special gift that shows this relationship. 

So what we have done in this article is to actually help you unearth these hidden gems that the bride will love.

Below are the top 10 gifts for brides from the maid of honor

1. Personalized Digital Photo book

As her best friend, you will always miss her. That’s why we think that a personalized photo book album helps remind you of a relationship full of laughs and fun when the two of you are together. To create your beautiful digital book, choose an album of different bindings and sizes. Likewise, for each digital photo album, you can add up to 200 images that will rotate through. It is the perfect gift to place on a desk or mantle to remind you of your special relationship.

2. Friendship necklace

This cute friendship amulet necklace celebrates the best friend. This sterling silver accessory has two small interlocking hoops that create an elegant and trendy vibe. Overall, this inspiring gift reminds you that you are always with her.

3. Diary with gold monogram

Gift her this beautiful golden monogram journal. Similarly, each notebook emphasizes its own print. It is also the perfect size to carry your wallet. Best of all, it’s perfect for keeping track of all her favorite wedding day activities!

4. Sister cuff bracelet

Maybe the woman trying to get married is your sister. She may be marrying, but this bracelet reminds her of your unbreakable bond. Moreover, you can use her name to personalize this beautiful sterling silver bracelet. Also, you can add a private message to her.

5. Women’s silk pajama set

There is no doubt that your best friend will fall in love with this gift of silk satin pajamas from Nordstrom! In fact, when she’s on her honeymoon, she’ll want to put them on and take them off. For example, the bottom of the set has a luxurious silk waistcoat and shorts, and the breast pocket is embroidered with the words “The Mrs.” You can also choose between ivory, pink and blue.

6. A day at the Spa

Enjoy a luxury spa gift certificate and spend a relaxing day. Give her a final treat with a hot stone massage, pedicure, and manicure package. Soon she will be totally refreshed on her wedding day.

7. Milestone wedding tag

After the couple says “I do”, the year will inaugurate many festivals that are worth celebrating. Therefore, these innovative wedding tags are perfect gifts for newlyweds. Likewise, you can place each custom label in front of your favorite wine. Lastly, they can keep track of their first anniversary, the first vacation, first home!

8. A Leather Coach Bag

This elegant leather bag is the perfect accessory for any exquisite dinner. Besides, its compatibility makes it very suitable for holding her cell phone, paper, and lipstick. Overall, this gift is one of the best wedding gifts given to a bride by the maid of honor.

9. Comfort wrapper for the wedding bottle

As a practical gift for the bride, this handy wedding bottle cover is very suitable for cheering them up. If she likes beer, for example, the bride will understand how cold her drink can be when out of the house with this bottle cover. Later on, this is perfect for her bridal shower, wedding reception, or bachelor party.

10. Personalized wedding coat hanger

Give this beautiful bride a personalized wedding coat rack and classic storage for her wedding dress. Choose a white, brown, or black wood style for a classic look. Inside, a silver thread writes the word “bride” and brings a nice touch. Overall, it will be used as a great wedding souvenir.

Besides finding the gift the maid of honor has plenty of responsibility before during and after the wedding

What else does the maid of honor actually do?

Before the wedding day

  1. Lead a group of bridesmaids

So what does the maid of honor do? She is responsible for transferring responsibilities to other bridesmaids, ensuring that everyone can have their dresses, trying them on, and providing all the details of the wedding reception. 

Obviously, your other bridesmaids have a lot to do and will definitely help her (after all, she might need a lot of help when she plans a bachelor party. But your maid of honor has to become the “director” in the end.

  1. Host a wedding shower 

Even your maid of honor may not be able to carry out all pre-wedding events since they are so many of them. But one thing she absolutely wants to do is host or co-sponsor the wedding shower. This activity is important and falls squarely in her purview.

  1. Helps with the little things

Your maid of honor is the woman on your right arm and she is not to be confused with your personal assistant. However, her duties extend to all the other facets of the wedding no matter how minute they are. 

Therefore, she should be happy to assist with seemingly boring tasks, such as handling invitations to helping in the choice of wedding colors and the taste of the cakes. 

  1. Help with emotional needs 

You should always feel comfortable discussing the wedding with your maid of honor. Whether it’s the plan for the wedding registry or any other detail, you should always be sure someone is there to share your thoughts. 

Are you having wedding jitters? Your maid of honor should know how to calm you down and reassure you that everything will be okay and perfect.

At your wedding

  1. She is in charge of and coordinates the other bridesmaids

Your maid of honor is in charge of all the other bridesmaids for rehearsal, Transport, and accommodation coordination (if required). So make sure all the bridesmaids have the right bouquets and make-up on time and keep to the wedding schedule.

  1. Keepsakes

During the ceremony, the duties of the bridesmaid include lifting the bouquet when you and your spouse are sworn in and lifting the groom’s ring. If the bride or bridesmaid sheds happy tears, she’ll need some paper towels.

  1. Sign the marriage certificate

Both the maid of honor and the best man must sign the marriage certificate as witnesses.

  1. She makes sure that you eat

Do you remember all the precautions you took in choosing the perfect culinary options, wine selections, and exquisite cakes for special occasions? Many couples find that they completely miss out on some food and drink choices as everything is done right during the reception. 

You may be crazy about how long it takes to talk to everyone at the wedding and how time goes by. Therefore, one of the most important duties of the maid of honor is ensuring that the bride eats and hydrates throughout the day.

  1. Bathroom helper

The Maid of Honor mission isn’t always that exciting. It might not seem like the most glamorous task, but you definitely need help in the bathroom, especially if you’re wearing a wedding dress with lots of extra materials. 

  1. She is the alternate hostess

The maid of honor can also be the hostess at the actual reception (because the bride is busy interacting with the guests). This includes showing guests where to sit, guiding them to the bathroom, and giving the gift or inviting you to sign on the guest book. 

  1. Performs important tasks.

On your wedding weekend, your maid of honor is your first choice for collecting your dress and wedding veil; getting the gift bags brought to the reception, and putting them in a safe place. Organizing your clothes for the honeymoon.

  1. Dancing

Your maid of honor is clearly a very important person in your life and she is working hard for you. Please make sure she enjoys herself at the wedding because she deserves it. She may be the worker bee but that does not mean that she should not take the time to dance and have fun while she fulfills her obligations to the bride. She should be encouraged to toast your reception (which is traditional after all) and, of course, dance at night.

After the Wedding

  1. Helps at home

During your honeymoon, you may need a hand to take on any number of post-wedding obligations. For example, when the two of you return home, the bridesmaid can collect the sundries from the wedding hall, return the rental items, or arrange a special surprise for the happy couple.

  1. Keeps reminders of the best day of your life

When they get married, many couples view marriage as a day of joy and celebration. But over the years you will surely have some difficult times together. 

At such a difficult time, perhaps the maid of honor’s most important and prestigious role is to hug you, remind you of all the top reasons you said: “I do”.

Typical gifts for brides from maid of honor questions and answers

Who should you choose as a maid of honor?

Traditionally, the bride would ask her sister or her closest friend to be the maid of honor. If this is not possible, she can choose someone she trusts. 

When choosing your maid of honor, consider their responsibilities and make sure they can meet these expectations. Considering your family and ultimately you may want to seek out who is most effective.

When do you give the bride a gift from the maid of honor?

You can give your maid of honor gift to the bride on her wedding day, or it can be given as an engagement gift. The biggest surprise you give to a bride is helping her get a sensual item for her honeymoon.

Which is the best gift the maid of honor can give to the bride?

The maid of honor can give a gift of an experience like a spa or jewelry and always remember that it should be something that she will cherish and love. If she likes to drink coffee, for example, she will love a Starbucks-style travel mug. 

What is the best gift for a bridesmaid?

Exquisite gold necklaces are a perfect gift and symbolize friendship between the bride and her bride maids. Whether your wedding is being held outdoors or at night, you must find great gifts to express your gratitude to your bridesmaids.

What is a good gift for the maid of honor?

We have outlined above some of the special gifts that you can give the bride from the maid of honor and these include a custom kimono dressing gown. Similarly, you can take this beautiful kimono dress and add the bride’s initials for a lasting reminder of the wedding day. 


Overall, these maids of honor to the bride gifts above are deep-rooted in the friendship and love between the two. However, your efforts to find the perfect gift will make her wedding even more special. So choose wisely and remember as the maid of honor it is your solemn obligation to make her wedding day as perfect as possible.

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